Bobsled Camps

Adventure Camp For Kids (8-14) – $395 per camper (includes lunch)
This 4-day winter camp is held at the Utah Olympic Park and includes group instruction and equipment for nine Winter Olympic sports (bobsled, ice hockey, speed skating, luge, ski jumping, biathlon, curling, freestyle, and skeleton).

Bobsled Introduction Camp – $300
Sponsored by the Stephan Bosch Bobsled Driving School, this is a half-day camp for ages 16 and up.

Stephan Bosch Bobsled Driving School – $500 (includes park admission)
This 1-day winter camp at the Utah Olympic Park is for adults 18 years and up. Fee includes group instruction, equipment, snacks, and a light lunch. Six camp sessions are held during March, and include classroom instruction, an explanatory track walk with Bosch, and as many runs as possible in a 4-hour session. This can be anywhere from 4 to 8 runs, depending on the number of campers in your session. (Maximum of six campers per session.) Each camper is guaranteed at least 4 runs – two as pilot and two as brakeman.

Campers begin at the track’s Junior Start, located at the course’s Curve Six. You will start seated in a 2-man bobsled, and attendants will push to get you going. You will reach speeds up to 60 mph. Be aware that this is an extremely demanding ride. The health precautions (see above) apply, and you should definitely expect bruises by the end of the day. In addition, the 2-man bobsleds are pretty cramped, so larger campers may not fit.

Finally, campers may choose to go on The Comet Ride the evening following their camp day, at a special rate of $100.

Fantasy Camps – $2000 (Lake Placid)/ $1800 (Park City)
Cost To Learn To BobsledTo attend a Bobsled Fantasy Camp, you must be 16 years or older and in good physical condition; however, campers are usually between 30 and 55 (affluent and physically fit). You will be one of 8 to10 campers, and the 3-night/4-day camp is held either at the end of February (Utah) or in April (Lake Placid). These camps are a bit pricey, but the money benefits the national team athletic programs. Fees include room and board, track fees, equipment, and coaching. National Team coaches will teach you how to drive a bobsled, push start, train, evaluate ice conditions during a track walk, and maintain and prepare the sled and runners prior to competition. You’ll have several hours of ice time each day, as well as exercise, instruction, and video analysis of your performance each evening.

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