Cost For A Deep Sea Fishing Charter

I’m sure sports fishing enthusiasts the world-over will agree that nothing quite compares to the challenge and excitement of a two or three hour fight to land that big one. Strapped into a fighting-chair, your muscles straining in an exhausting tug of war, the dual between you and your foe is the epitome of an anglers adrenaline rush. All the equipment and bait for this high-seas voyage comes courtesy of the captain of the charter boat, who is usually Coast Guard licensed.

What To Expect On A Fishing Charter

Since offshore deep-sea fishing requires a vessel to travel some distance from the coastline, it must be seaworthy, have sufficient capacity, speed and range, and remain stable when fighting the large and heavy fish. Consequently, offshore fishing charters are usually the larger trailerable boats in the range of 30 to 50 feet in length. Under Coast Guard regulations, a fishing charter boat of this size can only book a maximum of six people for a day at sea. Additionally, some fishing charter boat captains employ forward-scanning sonar, water temperature measurement equipment and even satellite-provided charts to narrow down the search for the record-setting game fish that every sport fisherman yearns to be photographed with.

To attract the best fish, the captain will use trolling lures resembling squid, or baited hooks which are allowed to trail the boat. Once in position, chumming gets underway, a process whereby bits of bait fish are thrown overboard to attract the larger game fish.

Cost For A Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Once the big fish is hooked, the captain will assist by maneuvering the boat so that the fish remains astern. At the same time, the crew members of the fishing vessel race to reel in the other lines to avoid tangling with the line of the angler catching the highly irate fish. As the thrashing fish struggles to escape, it may momentarily swim towards the boat, giving the fisherman the opportunity to reel in more and more of the line. As the fish tires and is brought closer to the boat, the crew will assist by gaffing the catch and pulling it aboard. All in all, a great experience for any fisherman and well worth the cost of the fishing charter.

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