Cost For A Gym Membership

As obesity figures in America are skyrocketing (over 108 million Americans are obese or overweight), so is overwhelming medical research proving the importance of even moderate exercise a few times a week for helping to ward off diseases such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis as well as anxiety and depression. For many Americans wanting to enjoy the physical, psychological and often social benefits of exercise, signing up for a gym membership is an excellent place to start.

However, before you sign on the dotted line, you may want to do a little research into what your dollars are paying for and be sure they match your individual exercise needs and expectations.

Gym Types

There are several different styles of gyms to consider:

  • General Purpose: These gyms typically offer free weights, weight machines, cardio equipment, and a variety of classes. They normally cost between $25-$60/month. Many include the use of child care and a pool as well.
  • Gender specific: These gyms cater to either solely female (more commonly found) or male clientele and generally use a “circuit” style of training which lasts normally 30 minutes, appealing often to an above 40 crowd who want to improve their overall health in a more intimate atmosphere. These will cost between $25 -$35 dollars a month.
  • Spa/Country Club/Racquet Club Gyms : These may have golf, tennis and racquetball privileges, or full service spas to go along with an exercise and weight training facility. Generally more expensive, these clubs cost $50-$200 a month for as single individual or $100-$250 a month for a family.

Meeting Your Needs

Cost For A Gym Membership

The only way to make your gym membership cost effective is to actually go! Before you sign up, have a look at what specific amenities the gym offers and how well they meet your particular needs. If you are choosing to pay more for a gym offering the extra services you desire (pool, classes, childcare, racquetball, tennis) make sure the hours that they are available align with your daily schedule. Most gyms offer a free day or week trial pass, although some have about a $10 a day fee, well worth the price to inspect the facilities in person. Understanding what is important to you in a gym is primary in being sure you’ll actually walk through those front doors a week after you’ve joined.

  • Location! Location! Location! The closer the gym is to your work or home, the better. No matter how much you pay, you can’t move the gym closer to your house.
  • Do they offer classes? Is there a fee to attend these classes? Many charge class or session fees averaging about $5-$10 per class.
  • Pool, spa, racquetball, squash? Just because they are there doesn’t mean their fee is included in your membership fee. Some clubs charge up to $30 an hour for court usage.
  • Childcare is available is some gyms. Often in more family oriented facilities childcare is free during certain scheduled hours, the cost being absorbed by the membership fees. Others places may charge around $5/child with discounts for additional children.
  • Spa Use. If a spa is part of your membership find out what is included (sauna, hot tub, complimentary towel and robe use) and what you will pay for the extra services—aromatherapy, massages, etc.
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