USBSF Training Schools/Recruitment Camps

  • Cost not yet decided by USBSF

To participate in the training camps and the Development Program, you must be a member of the USBSF (Membership Cost: $25 Junior; $50 adult).

These are 5-day schools held at each of the Olympic parks. You will learn how to drive a Skeleton sled and be tested on your driving as well as your natural abilities in the sport. You will also learn start techniques and be tested on how well and how fast you can push the sled. In addition, there will be various physical tests like sprinting, jumping, and hopping.

If you perform well at the 5-day training school, the coaching staff may invite you to participate in the National Development program, which will bring you just a little closer on your quest toward the National team. Visit the USABSF website for Recruitment Camp dates and to download application forms.

The fee includes:

  • Housing and food in Lake Placid; Housing only in Park City
  • Track fees
  • Coaching
  • Use of Skeleton sled
  • Use of helmet

Train in Canada

  • Canadians - $345
  • Non-Canadians - $500

Athletes often train and compete in other countries in an attempt to earn a place on that country’s national team. You can learn to Skeleton sled at the Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Alberta Skeleton Association (ASA) offers a 3-day Skeleton School which includes instruction, coaching, equipment, and a one-year membership to the ASA. Participants must be 14 years or older.


Most Skeleton athletes agree that of the three sliding sports (Skeleton, bobsleigh, and luge), Skeleton is the least dangerous! Injuries in Skeleton are mainly of the bruise, skin burns, and lacerations variety. Still, you get pretty banged up, and your equipment does too. If you get involved in the sport, expect to replace your equipment more frequently than your wallet wants you to.

    Cost To Learn Skeleton Sled Racing
  • Helmet with full-face chin guard and face shield – $300 to $500
  • Shoes (made exclusively by Adidas; shipped from Denmark) – $300 to $350
  • Speed Suit – (low-priced suits are Spandex; high-priced suits are made of high-tech aerodynamically enhanced fabric) - $99 to $249
  • Sled (training sled, used) – $1000 to $2,500
  • Sled (new sled) - $4,000 to $6,000
  • Runners (you will need many sets) – $800 to $1,000 per set
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